What Does It Mean to Innovate?

Innovation is a creative act or solution that results in a quantifiable gain.

It is important to distinguish between creativity and innovation. These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, and while they are related, they are quite different in meaning.

Creativity is the generation of new and/or novel ideas.

While creativity is very important in the pursuit of improving business, government, education, and society, it is innovation that will make the difference. Creativity that is translated into quantifiable gains through innovation is vitally important as enterprises and organizations pursue prosperity for the long term.

What Is Your Innovation Strategy?


All enterprises and organizations operate with a level of innovation:

  • Some lead the introduction of new and innovative products and services.
  • Others follow the leaders in an effort to minimize risks.
  • Many rely on a relatively small number of highly creative people for breakthrough ideas, but then they struggle with commercializing them.

All need to develop and commercialize or utilize innovations that capture the imagination and loyalty of those they serve while minimizing risk. Initiatives need to address fundamental business problems.

To address this need, Innovekt® delivers systematic and proven approaches for Extraordinary Innovation™.


Characteristics of Systematic Innovation

Innovation occurs on a continuum, ranging from Evolutionary to Expansionary to Revolutionary. Innovation goals that involve small, incremental movement from the current state are evolutionary in nature. Goals for breakthrough changes are termed as revolutionary.

It is vital to success to engage leaders and team members who have innovation strengths and preferences, as well as expertise, that are in alignment with the goal of the innovation initiative.

Building an Innovation Team


It is important to note that organizations do not innovate. People innovate!

Understanding of the human dynamics of innovation can make the difference between a frustrating innovation effort and a wildly successful one. We start the innovation journey with an assessment using the Innovation Strengths Preferences Indicator® (ISPI™) with leaders and innovators. This assessment is a vital element in selecting the appropriate leaders and team members of a given innovation initiative. Building an innovation team with this vital tool helps enterprises and organizations meet their strategic innovation goals.

Liberating Innovative Energy

Innovekt’s approach to innovation was inspired by an appreciation of the tremendous potential to create that resides in everyone. The benefits of effectively directing this very large capacity for innovation is analogous to the mass-energy equivalence described in Einstein’s famous equation:


Just as the conversion of even a very small amount of matter into its energy equivalent liberates an enormous amount of energy, the liberation and focus of the creativity of individuals and teams can result in tremendous gains for an organization.

We find that innovation efforts follow a predictable and repeatable pattern of Envisioning a future condition, Movement toward that condition, Collaboration with others, and Celebration of progress. Our EMC2 TM model of the innovation process of:

  • Envision,
  • Move,
  • Collaborate, and
  • Celebrate

helps to provide a roadmap for innovators.



EMC2™ Innovation from Innovekt


Applying Innovation Systems


There are many innovation systems, and we collaborate with clients and base the choice of the system or combination of systems on the strategic goal(s) being pursued. Listed below are some of the innovation systems Innovekt® currently offers.

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