Innovation Systems

If you could achieve sustainable, extraordinary innovation for new products and services, would you? We make it possible.

Varying types of innovation require different innovation systems. The innovation system chosen through collaborative consultation must:

  • Align with and enable the strategic objectives of the enterprise
  • Comprehend and utilize the vital strengths and capabilities of the innovators
  • Engage people in creating innovative products, approaches, and services

As clients turn to Innovekt® for help creating extraordinary innovation, we assist with delivering high quality products and services to otherssystematically.

Some people may think that applying a “system” to “innovation” could be counter-productive. They may view systems as restraining or constricting. Innovekt has an alternate view and invites you to consider that:

  • You use business systems for accounting, order management, customer service, inventory control, and quality; now you can use systems for innovation
  • Systems can actually act as catalysts to accelerate sustainable and extraordinary innovation. 
  • Systems can expand possibilities by simultaneously liberating and focusing creative energy.

Innovekt’s systematic approaches maximize the level and consistency of innovation effectiveness. Our systems help to focus the creative process with precision. We help solve fundamental business problems. We also provide an innovation management platform called HumanInnergy® to help you monitor progress.

Innovation Systems:

  • Map out invisible human traits that maximize innovation
  • Bring order out of chaos and complexity
  • Make vital information and people appropriately accessible
  • Maximize flexibility in responding to changing circumstances
  • Accelerate the most strategic innovation initiatives

Businessman looking at Innovation plan.

A Synergistic and Integrated Approach

We have created an integrated approach to innovation that will translate to extraordinary value for you and those you serve. Innovekt integrates:

  • People: Human dynamics for innovation
  • Ideas: Innovation tools
  • Needs: Systematic approaches with a unique and powerful framework of methods

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Systematic approaches create an environment where people comprehend and translate needs in a relevant way. They are encouraged and enabled to generate specific and useful ideas. As these ideas are developed in creative and systematic ways, the likelihood of a quantifiable gain is maximized. By bringing together specific ways to manage the human dynamics of innovation, innovation tools, and systematic approaches, Innovekt enables you to “Expect the Extraordinary”!

Characteristics of Systematic Innovation


Innovation occurs on a continuum, ranging from Evolutionary to Expansionary to Revolutionary. Innovation goals that involve small, incremental movement from the current state are evolutionary in nature. Goals for breakthrough changes are termed as revolutionary.

It is vital to success to engage leaders and team members who have innovation strengths and preferences, as well as expertise, that are in alignment with the goal of the innovation initiative.

Applying Innovation Systems


Our integrated and collaborative approach will help enterprises to:

  • Assess the innovation culture of the organization
  • Strengthen innovation leaders to realize strategic goals
  • See individual innovation strengths and preferences that are otherwise invisible
  • Empower people through expanding capacity and building capability
  • Select the best teams for innovation
  • Facilitate the creation of new ideas
  • Create and realize innovations of all types
  • Establish innovation systems for sustainable progress

There are many innovation systems, and we collaborate with clients and base the choice of the system or combination of systems on the strategic goal(s) being pursued. Listed below are some of the innovation systems that Innovekt has developed and currently offers to clients.


Enterprise-level innovation to dramatically improve business performance.    Learn More


Focuses and amplifies the creativity of a multi-disciplinary team within an organization to improve the certainty of extraordinary innovations.    Learn More


Inngineering™ helps facilitate the design, development, realization, and delivery of complex product and service systems.    Learn More


Places the right people in the right roles to achieve the extraordinary.    Learn More

Systems Accelerating Innovation!TM
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In my 25 years of mechanical design experience in the electronic, medical, automotive, and textile industries, Phil Donihe has been the most accomplished and knowledgeable person I have ever worked with on Technology Development and Robust Design projects. Phil is a master in the field of solving complex design challenges and determining the most expedited path to a robust design. He is a pleasure to work with and a true team player, keeping all parties informed and engaged in every phase of development.

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