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Organization Leaders: If you could select and place the right people in the right roles to achieve the extraordinary, would you? We help you make it possible!

Individuals: If you could maximize your capacity to contribute – as a leader, as a teammate, and as an individual, would you invest the time and energy? We can help you make it possible!

InnPeople is about human dynamics, human-centered innovation,  leveraging the combined strengths of leaders, individuals, and teams to create organizations that are exponentially more capable than the sum of the individual members! It’s about knowing yourself and those around you in ways that empower you to leverage differences.

It is an integrated and systematic approach to building individuals, teams, and leaders. It is about selecting and placing people into positions in your organization where they can make their maximum individual and collective contributions. InnPeople enables you to be strategic in leveraging the character, innovation strengths, and power of people to create the future of your organization. It helps you utilize everyone’s full potential.

We help clients with mastering the art and science of leadership for innovation and propelling their organizations forward. We bring the ability to understand and utilize individual and team dynamics to realize the power, capabilities, and creative capacity of people.

InnPeople includes individual coaching, team development, and organization building using independent and interrelated systems that include:

  • SelectInn™: Selecting the right person for the right role at the right time.
  • InnLead™: Selecting the right leader for the right role at the right time. Developing leaders for excellence in current roles. Preparing leaders for future roles.
  • InnTeam™: Placing the right team member on the right team in the right role at the right time. Developing individuals for excellence in current roles and as team members. Preparing teams and individual members for future roles.

All of these systems integrate these tools:

InnPeople enables you to be strategic in leveraging the power of people to create the future of your organization. We help you build capacity.

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How It Happens

  • Our tools map out the invisible traits that identify people who are excellent matches to your needs
  • We help you with placing people in the most vital roles to drive your business forward
  • We mutually assess capabilities, development needs, and timing, as organizations and teams within them have different needs as they evolve
  • Individuals are assessed for how they prefer to solve problems and innovate, how they prefer to relate to one another, and capability strengths and development needs

The result is that you select the RIGHT leaders and place the RIGHT team members in the most strategic roles to create extraordinary value!

Systematic approaches create an environment where people comprehend and translate needs in a relevant way. They are encouraged and enabled to generate specific and useful ideas. As these ideas develop in creative and systematic ways, the likelihood of a quantifiable gain is maximized.

By bringing together specific ways to manage the human dynamics of innovation, innovation tools, and systematic approaches, Innovekt enables you to “Expect the Extraordinary”!

Benefits of InnPeople

  • Extraordinary business performance through high-contributing leaders and team members
  • Maximized collaboration and teamwork
  • Expanded synergy and harmony with senior leadership, co-leaders, and team members
  • Improved engagement of all team members

Applying InnPeople to Human Dynamics

There are many people-related systems, and we collaborate with clients and base the choice of the system or combination of services on the strategic goal(s) being pursued. Listed below are some of the people systems and services that Innovekt has developed and currently offers to clients.


Helping you find the RIGHT person for the RIGHT role RIGHT NOW.    Learn More


Helping you select the RIGHT leader for the RIGHT role at the RIGHT time!    Learn More


Helping you place the RIGHT team member for the RIGHT role on the RIGHT team at the RIGHT time!    Learn More


Link below to an information document about InnPeople to share with the leaders of your organization!

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For information about the human dynamics experience that Philip L. Donihe, President of Innovekt, has had, please visit the page about him:

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Len Hixon

In my 25 years of mechanical design experience in the electronic, medical, automotive, and textile industries, Phil Donihe has been the most accomplished and knowledgeable person I have ever worked with on Technology Development and Robust Design projects. Phil is a master in the field of solving complex design challenges and determining the most expedited path to a robust design. He is a pleasure to work with and a true team player, keeping all parties informed and engaged in every phase of development.

Jerry Griswold

I have been extremely excited with the results we achieved during our sessions with Innovekt. We certainly would not have arrived at this point in our business without your assistance.

Mike Standish

Phil Donihe’s extensive experience, command of the strategic process, and structured approach to leading our team through the process has been invaluable.  Innovekt led our organization to a powerful common ground where we now have clear direction and are excited about our future.

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