Designing the Future

Designing a new product, process, service, organization, or part of an organization is a vital and complex process. Leadership from someone who “has been there” is necessary, and when combined with the right approaches, methods, and systems, the results can be amazing!

The Innovekt Team will:

» Co-create, comprehend, and align business goals with initiatives and projects, as well as the individual actions that drive all improvement.

» Elevate the value creation capabilities of your business, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

» Integrate the goals, approaches, and tools of standard and advanced engineering methods, as well as synergies created through science-based human dynamics.

Phil says, “I thrive on understanding the complexity of a business enterprise and working with all aspects of it to enhance the performance of its people and the organization as a whole! I learned early on from such giants as Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Mr. Stuart Pugh what it takes to create positive and lasting change. I’ve learned through extensive business management experience what it takes to work with people and organizations to optimize performance. Working with organizations and teams to create new capabilities, products, and services is the most fun anyone can have at work!

What people are saying:

“Mr. Donihe has been instrumental in designing and leading major transformation processes in businesses. His leadership, experience, and guidance coupled with a defined systematic approach resulted in extraordinary improvement in our business metrics.”

“Phil is an exceptional individual and leader. He possesses the ability to tackle enterprise-level issues with confidence.”

“Phil takes a leading role in developing new ideas and driving innovation. He always looks for ways to do things faster, better, and with less waste. Phil is a catalyst for positive change.”


Inngineering is Innovekt’s proprietary Technological System to facilitate the design, development, realization, and delivery of product, manufacturing, and service systems.

Organizations that use Inngineering:

  • Elevate the value creation capabilities of their business, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

  • Integrate the goals, approaches, and tools of standard and advanced engineering methods.

  • Clarify responsibility and accountability for design quality, development, manufacturing and assembly, testing and evaluation, as well as both business and technical aspects of program timing and goal attainment.


Lean Transformation

Organization-wide maximization of speed and cost-effectiveness by systematically eliminating waste and inefficiency​

Strategic Planning

Sharpened, re-targeted, or more powerful vision, mission, goals, operating principles, values, strategic imperatives, and initiatives​.

Strategic Transformation

E​nterprise-level transformation for significant and sustainable improvement in financial, market, and/or strategic performance.

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