Innterprise® Innovation System

If you could achieve sustainable innovation and profitability from acquisitions, new entities, or under-performing segments, would you? We make it possible.

Innterprise is the Innovekt service for enterprise innovation. We work with our clients to develop business or organization re-alignment, integration, and growth using the most powerful innovation concepts, methods, tools, systems, and training available.

Together with our clients we:

  • Engage the enterprise
  • Map out invisible human traits that maximize innovation
  • Bring order out of chaos and complexity
  • Make vital information and people appropriately accessible
  • Maximize flexibility in responding to changing circumstances
  • Free time and energy to focus on stabilizing core enterprise matters
  • Accelerate the most strategic innovation initiatives
  • ENVISION, COLLABORATE, AND CELEBRATE top and bottom-line results and increased return on investment (ROI)


Enterprise innovation is vital:

  • To dramatically improve performance of existing business units
  • When integrating:
    • Two or more business systems
    • A new business or operating unit into an established enterprise, such as through an acquisition or merger
    • New product or service architecture into an established operating system

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Innterprise in Action


As part of an Innterprise initiative, we collaborate with you, your leaders, and your people to:

  • Target innovation efforts to the most financially and strategically important aspects of your operations
  • Understand and apply the strengths of your leaders and associates to the selected challenges
  • Implement the most powerful innovation concepts, methods, tools, and training available for maximum benefit
  • Develop, implement, and sustain solutions to your biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Build consensus, ownership, and competency in-depth at all levels to maximize the long-term benefits to your operations

Innterprise results typically include:

  • Significant and concurrent cost, quality, and delivery improvements that add to your top line, your bottom line, and return on investment
  • Consistent, dramatic, and sustainable improvements at all levels of your operations
  • Transformation at all levels from an individual work station to the enterprise level
  • Rapid profitability, cost, quality, service, and/or delivery improvements
  • Solutions to fit your needs and enterprise goals






Karosserie Auto Fabrik

Enterprise-Wide Innovation System


Innterprise initiatives comprehend the interactions and inter-dependencies of our clients’ organizations. Our approach enables optimization of the business or organization as a system by deliberately integrating with its vision, mission, and values. We work with clients’ leaders and people to set up sustainable innovation systems and processes. Our work is both strategic and systemic, so all aspects of your organization benefit.

Our Innterprise initiatives follow the effective and repeatable process of Envisioning a future condition, Movement toward that condition, Collaboration with others, and Celebration of progress. Our EMC2 model of the innovation process of:

  • Envision,
  • Move,
  • Collaborate, and
  • Celebrate

helps to provide a road map for innovators and can be remembered using Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence formula, E=MC2.

(For more information on this model, please see the Innovate page.)

Innterprise Defines and Enables Dynamic Coherence from Vision to Actions

Innterprise Flow Diagram


Compelling Reasons to Work with Innovekt


We have created a unique and integrated approach to innovation that will serve your needs with excellence.

Innovekt integrates:

  • Human dynamics for innovation
  • Innovation tools
  • Systematic approaches with a unique and powerful framework of methods

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Len Hixon

In my 25 years of mechanical design experience in the electronic, medical, automotive, and textile industries, Phil Donihe has been the most accomplished and knowledgeable person I have ever worked with on Technology Development and Robust Design projects. Phil is a master in the field of solving complex design challenges and determining the most expedited path to a robust design. He is a pleasure to work with and a true team player, keeping all parties informed and engaged in every phase of development.

Jerry Griswold

I have been extremely excited with the results we achieved during our sessions with Innovekt. We certainly would not have arrived at this point in our business without your assistance.

Mike Standish

Phil Donihe’s extensive experience, command of the strategic process, and structured approach to leading our team through the process has been invaluable.  Innovekt led our organization to a powerful common ground where we now have clear direction and are excited about our future.

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