Improving Products, Processes, Services, and Organizations

Coaching an organization or enterprise requires a depth of vision, experience, and capability like no other. You want someone who can understand your culture and handle your complexity. Then you need someone to accompany you in seeing the vision of what could be, beyond what currently is. You need someone who can partner with your leaders to create collaborative strategies, innovative approaches, and new systems, services, and products that raise your top and bottom lines. You need someone with a high level of integrity and respect for all the hard-working people you call your corporate customers and family.

The Innovekt Team will:

» Create sustainable extraordinary organization performance

» Realize new levels of leadership, engagement, understanding, collaboration, and performance

» Find, develop, and leverage the innovation strengths in your organization to create new products and services optimized for success

Phil says, “I thrive on understanding the complexity of a business enterprise and working with all aspects of it to enhance the performance of its people and the organization as a whole! I learned early on from such giants as Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Mr. Stuart Pugh what it takes to create positive and lasting change. I’ve learned through extensive business management experience what it takes to work with people and organizations to optimize performance. Working with organizations and teams to create new capabilities, products, and services is the most fun anyone can have at work!

What people are saying:

“Phil’s strategic thinking skills are excellent. He does an excellent job of maintaining an enterprise-wide perspective. He is always looking for ways to set us apart from our competition.”

“Phil embraces and promotes the change required to create a sustainable business enterprise. Our environment requires that he recognize uncertainty is unavoidable, and he always handles the required changes professionally and reasonably.”

“Phil is committed to doing everything possible to have a positive, profound, and lasting impact on our business and company.”

“Phil’s knowledge and commitment have led to a well-organized plan for continuous improvement in our company and to maximize corporate performance. Phil has made a contribution to positive change. He knows how to communicate the benefits of change to different people and obtain the necessary resources to implement new ideas. Phil encourages the growth of team members and supports them in their efforts.”

Robust Lean Six Sigma™ (RLSS™)

Take your Lean Six Sigma efforts to the next level!

Our unique approach integrates the power of Lean and Six Sigma with the high-leverage engineering insights of Robust Design as they apply to processes – What we call “Robust Process”. The synergy of these proven approaches for improving financial and quality of products, processes, and organizations is amplified as they are employed in coordination. 

We are experts at mastering, and then moving beyond, understanding of cause and effect to focus statistical tools on deepening and broadening engineering knowledge via robustness maximization (robustness meaning relative insensitivity to inherent product, process, and environmental variation and achieved at lowest cost).

Contact us to learn how we can empower your organization in building this vital internal capability and realizing improved financial and quality performance!


Lean & Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma are proven approaches for improving the financial and quality performance of organizations. 

We are experts at realizing positive impacts of both Lean and Six Sigma at all levels of organizations and in both product and process design and improvement.

Contact us to learn how we can accompany your organization in building this important internal capability and realizing improved financial and quality performance!


Continual Improvement

Organizations that thrive over time are relentless about improvement. 

Engage everyone in your organization in identifying, prioritizing, implementing, and celebrating improvement.

Contact us to learn how we can accompany your organization in building this vital internal capability and realizing improved financial and quality performance!


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