Our Vision:

Sustained prosperity for organizations by growing their capacity to imagine, design, and improve their products, processes, and services.



To build capacity!



You can count on us for integrity beyond question, service with excellence, and collaboration in creating new.



We accompany people to achieve extraordinary gains and sustainable prosperity through approaches and systems that identify, liberate, focus, and leverage human creativity and excellence!

We guide clients to find the right mix of strategy, leadership, engagement, innovation, character strengths, and systematic approaches to build their capacity!

About Innovekt Inc.

Innovekt® is a business management consulting company that gets its name from the combination of the two words “innovation” and “vektor”. We help our clients to determine their current cultural, leadership, and innovator state, define their Innovation Vektor™ towards their desired future state, and maximize success of their capacity building and innovation efforts!

Businesses are constantly moving in their market space and challenged to maintain a leadership position. Environmental factors such as customer preferences, competitor offerings, and regulatory requirements are changing at an accelerated pace.  Let Innovekt help you create and master change. Innovekt is passionate about growing the capacity for realizing extraordinary innovation for our clients!


We Empower Clients To:

  • Assess opportunities
  • Plan for and realize dramatic improvements in top-line revenue as well as bottom-line profit
  • Fully utilize the human and other resources at their disposal
  • Realize the sustained capability to not only change faster than the business environment, but to maintain or earn a leadership position in their respective industries
  • Succeed and thrive along with or ahead of the pace of constant change

Our Approach Is:

  • Partnership and engagement in both planning and implementation
  • Together we assure ongoing returns with dynamic technological systems

Our Industry Experience:

Air Freight & Logistics



Building Products

Construction & Engineering

Energy, Oil, Gas, & Consumable Fuels

Diversified Financial Services

Government; Military

Equipment & Supplies


Life Sciences Tools & Services


Providers & Services


Hotels, Restaurants, & Leisure

Information Technology Services and Software


Media and Public Relations

Paper & Forest Products


Meet Our President, Philip L. Donihe

Phil’s passion for innovation has developed from over three decades of specialized experience with leading and facilitating business improvements and transformations while working in leadership positions in major US companies. Phil’s expertise in the strategic and integrated use of a wide range of innovation tools has led to multi-million-dollar improvements to the top and bottom lines of many companies.

Our Team Capabilites:

  • Growing capacity for imagining new products, processes, and services
  • Growing capacity for designing and engineering new products, processes, and services
  • Growing capacity for realizing continual improvement
  • Business Process Re-engineering, Improvement, and Management
  • Business Requirements Development
  • Change Management and Transition
  • Character Assessment
  • Character Development
  • Enterprise Transformation and Innovation
  • Financial Management Modernization
  • Human Resources Management and Development
  • Inventory Management and Operation
  • Management and Operations
  • People Development
  • Program and Project Management
  • Public Relations Services/Outreach; Reputation Management
  • Quality Management
  • Strategic Communications and Executive Support
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Analysis
  • Training Development and Delivery
  • Writing; Editing; Publishing

Contact Us

Innovekt, Inc.

Philip Donihe, President

+1-423-667-7588 (Eastern USA Time)