We are offering solutions to some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges through the strategic, simultaneous, and systematic improvement of patient care, staff satisfaction, and profitability!

Adaptive Design is an enabling technology that continually improves an organization’s ability to deliver exactly what a patient needs while simultaneously lowering the cost of care – and physicians, nurses, and staff LOVE IT.”
– John W. Kenagy, MD, MPA, ScD, FACS

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Is your Healthcare organization operating as well as you want it to?


Innovekt is bringing a new level of improvement capability to the Healthcare Industry! Our approach uniquely connects the boardroom, senior leaders, physicians, nurses, and patients to produce simultaneous and sustained improvements in the quality of healthcare, its cost, the profitability of the healthcare organization, the job satisfaction of physicians, nurses, and other staff, reduced turnover, and increased compliance.

Improving Healthcare organizations requires unique expertise, a depth of vision, experience, and capability like no other. You want someone who can understand and handle your challenges, constraints, culture, and complexity. Then you need someone to accompany you in seeing the vision of what could be, beyond what currently is.

Benefits come when you work with someone who partners with your leaders to create collaborative strategies, innovative approaches, new systems, and excellent services that raise the quality of patient care, clinician engagement, and financial performance. These happen when your consulting partner has a high level of integrity and respect for all or your hard-working administrators and clinicians on behalf of excellent patient outcomes.


Team Kenagy-Innovekt, composed of highly experienced former hospital administrators, surgeons, clinicians, nurses, and technical experts will:

» Share and sharpen your vision for a prosperous future, or collaborate to create a new vision

» Listen to you, understand your challenges, and accompany you

» Develop new strategies and approaches to achieve key goals

» Find, develop, and leverage the innovation strengths in your organization to elevate patient outcomes and clinician satisfaction

» Realize new levels of leadership, engagement, understanding, collaboration, and performance

» Create sustainable extraordinary performance

Phil says, “I thrive on mastering the complexity of improvement and transformation at the enterprise-level! Our team of highly experienced former hospital administrators, physicians, clinicians, nurses, and technical experts have the depth and breadth of capability to improve any healthcare organization. I learned early on from such giants as Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Mr. Stuart Pugh what it takes to create positive and lasting change. I’ve learned through extensive business management experience what it takes to work with people and organizations to optimize performance. Working with organizations and teams to create new capabilities, products, and services is the most fun anyone can have at work!

What people are saying:

“Mr. Donihe has been instrumental in designing and leading major transformation processes in businesses. His leadership, experience, and guidance coupled with a defined systematic approach resulted in extraordinary improvement in our business metrics.”

“Phil is an exceptional individual and leader. He possesses the ability to tackle enterprise-level issues with confidence.”

“Phil takes a leading role in developing new ideas and driving innovation. He always looks for ways to do things faster, better, and with less waste. Phil is a catalyst for positive change.”

“Phil’s strategic thinking skills are excellent. He does an excellent job of maintaining an enterprise-wide perspective. He is always looking for ways to set us apart from our competition.”

“Phil embraces and promotes the change required to create a sustainable business enterprise. Our environment requires that he recognize uncertainty is unavoidable, and he always handles the required changes professionally and reasonably.”

“Phil is committed to doing everything possible to have a positive, profound, and lasting impact on our business and company.”

“Phil’s knowledge and commitment have led to a well-organized plan for continuous improvement in our company and to maximize corporate performance. Phil has made a contribution to positive change. He knows how to communicate the benefits of change to different people and obtain the necessary resources to implement new ideas. Phil encourages the growth of team members and supports them in their efforts.”

In addition to the unique and powerful products and services described in this site for imagining, designing, and improving, Healthcare organizations can realize tremendous benefits from the offerings below.

Body Temperature Measurement

Measure the body temperature of incoming patients, staff, and visitors without slowing the flow through your entryways.
Our systems offer proven, accurate (and portable if needed) thermal imaging capabilities to measure body temperature within +/- 0.3 Degrees Centigrade in real time.

We offer systems to handle a wide range of requirements, from high-traffic facility entry to individuals boarding transport vehicles.

Keep your patients, clinicians, and visitors safe by identifying individuals with fever – without direct contact.


Make Telehealth really work for patients and clinicians!

Getting started with Telehealth is (relatively) easy. Realizing the full value of Telehealth is more challenging. We can accompany you to maximize the value of Telehealth to your patients, clinicians, and your organization.

Our approach rapidly creates measurable results in satisfaction, demand, revenue, and clinical quality. We jointly work with your leaders, your clinicians, your staff, and even your technology to create a multi-dimensional return on investment.

Providing Ultra-Clean Air Where You Need It

Moving toward a vision of “zero surgical site infections”, our superior healthcare ventilation system is customizable for any surgical workflow and clean hospital area including operating rooms, labs, Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSD), Intensive Care Units (ICU), isolation rooms and pharmacies.

Today, there are more than 200 system installations at leading academic hospitals and specialist clinics in Europe and in the United States. This has allowed for extensive scientific validation of the benefits of the system, including establishing ultra-clean operating rooms, low energy cost, increased installation flexibility, and improved working conditions.

Revenue Cycle Management

We provide best in class revenue cycle management solutions accompanied by proprietary technologies. Our experience in healthcare and proven financial performance is derived from our ability to custom design programs unique to each client engagement. We:


  • Develop customized workflows
  • Integrate seamless proprietary software
  • Provide AR assessment – valuation
  • Implement key performance indicators
  • Manage liquidation benchmarks
  • Generate reporting dashboards
  • Establish a detail playbook

Emergency Department Information

We give Emergency Department (ED) Physicians quick and easy access to the clinical information they need for patients.

Our unique ED Pre-Processing software platform assists clinical documentation and data discovery with speed and ease of use not otherwise available.

Designed by practicing ED physicians at a major medical center with real ED workflow in mind that:

  • Improves quality of patient care
  • Improves publicly reported quality measure scores
  • Increase and optimize revenues
  • Decreases mortality rates
  • Identifies chronic disease
  • Increases physician satisfaction

Key Features:

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Compliant
  • Denial Prevention by showing supporting clinical indicators of high-risk diagnoses
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Compatible; Can work with all EMRs, no complex interface, customizable

Physician's Billing

Our proprietary system will confirm a patient’s insurance PRIOR to the claim being submitted, virtually eliminating insurance eligibility denials.

The accuracy and efficiency of our software is reflected in the improved collections experienced by our clients, ranging from 5% to 20% in gained revenue, otherwise lost when using other billing services.

We exceed the industry standards established by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) for days in accounts receivable.

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