Science-based Selection

Have you, or anyone you know, ever selected someone for a role in an organization and discovered later that they were not a good fit? Have you ever watched in disbelief as a great contributor left your organization?

Placing the right person into a role in your organization is a vital element for business success. Providing them with a work environment that retains their loyalty is equally important. The right fit can make all the difference. The complex interactions between the new person, leaders, and other people on your team are central and can now be quantified and understood. Competencies and skills can be taught – synergy with your team, your organization, and its goals is more challenging. With great synergy, a team or organization can be many times more powerful than the sum of the individuals. Here’s the great news – you can now have a customized capability to match candidates for the unique needs of the roles in your organization that includes aspects that typically do not show up in resumes, reference and background checks, and interviews!

Leave the “trial-and-error” and “one-size-fits-all” approaches to selection behind and give yourself the advantage of science-based candidate selection!

With SelectInn™, you can more effectively select people that align with the needs that your organization has for roles.

Innovekt’s SelectInn System:

» Minimizes losses to your organization from selecting the wrong person for a role

» Maximizes value by quantifying and aligning who people really are with your needs for a role, your strategy, and your culture at a given time

What’s at stake?

» Tangible losses from putting the wrong person into a role can range from $15,000 to as much as $240,000*

» Intangible losses are likely much greater

» Having the right person for the role makes all the difference – for them – for your team – for your organization

» Requirements of the role “feel like a natural fit” with who the person is

* SHRM: Jörgen Sundberg, CEO of Link Humans, an employer branding agency in London

Phil says, “I love to watch a person discover that their strengths and abilities are aligned with their role. Their ability to immerse in their work, and truly collaborate with team members is energizing. They, and their team, are positioned for excellence.”

What people are saying:

“Innovekt’s process clarified the personality traits that the candidate for our Section Leader role position would need to have to be most successful. We chose the person at the top of the SelectInn list, and she excelled in the job! SelectInn was a vital part of selecting the right person for our job opening.”

“First, if you begin with “who,” rather than “what,” you can more easily adapt to a changing world.” (Jim Collins, Good to Great, p. 42)

 “Developing and retaining the ‘right’ leaders and team development were of paramount importance to Mr. Donihe. Influencing members of our team to look at the world differently resulted in new and different ways to improve our value proposition.”

“Phil is committed to doing everything possible to have a positive, profound, and lasting impact on our business and company.”

“Phil’s knowledge and commitment have led to a well-organized plan for continuous improvement in our company and to maximize corporate performance. Phil has made a contribution to positive change. He knows how to communicate the benefits of change to different people and obtain the necessary resources to implement new ideas. Phil encourages the growth of team members and supports them in their efforts.”


The best tools are ones with built-in complexity and significant capability that are easy to use. Think of a smartphone or automobile.

SelectInn gives you the power to match the natural behavior preferences of candidates with the needs of roles in your organization because it provides insights using the science-based and patented Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® (ISPI™), and the Character Foundations Assessment™ (CFA™). The ISPI was developed by Idea Connection Systems, Inc., and the CFA was developed by Peirce Group, LLC. Both companies are strategic partners of Innovekt, Inc., and the assessments are used by successful companies and organizations across the planet.

Among the uses of the ISPI are understanding how people think, decide, act, interact with others, and develop relationships. SelectInn provides practical suggestions for selection by comparing the ISPI preferences of the candidates with the profile of a great fit for the role.

Using only experience, competencies, and interview skills for selection will cause you to miss opportunities. On the other hand, the complexity of including invisible aspects of human psychology has been overwhelming – until now! SelectInn assists you to leverage the unique strengths and preferences of candidates to maximize alignment with the needs of a specific role in the culture of your organization. The resulting selection process can contribute to improving the quality of aligning who your people really are with the needs of their role in the organization!


SelectInn Advantage*

Quantifies alignment with your:



Needs in a Role


 Creates a profile of the best person for a role using examples of people who are, or would be, a great fit with your needs in the role as contrasted with people who are poor fits for the role

Maximizes predisposition for success by quantifying the match between the profile with candidates across all three psychological axes; cognitive, affective, and conative, as well as 22 Character Virtues

Positions your organization for success by aligning who people really are with what is needed in their roles

Forms a scientific foundation for individual, leader, team, and organization development that can be leveraged with companion systems on our HumanInnergy® Platform

* Innovekt is the only company that can offer you this set of advantages!


Just Stop for a Minute and Ask Yourself:

With every role in your organization being unique, how can you find the person who is the best fit for the needs of the role, your customers, your strategy, and your culture?

With every candidate being unique, how can you find their best fit in your organization?

With the complexity of human dynamics in your organization, what could be possible by having each role filled with people who are naturals fits?

What is possible if your organization uses Selectinn?

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